Pro2 Replication Suite

With Bravepoint's Pro2TM Suite of replication products, you can easily replicate Progress OpenEdge data into a separate database for efficient reporting, analysis, business intelligence, data archival and more. As your data is updated in the Progress production database, it is replicated in the target database in near real-time. The Pro2TM Replication Suite includes:

  • Pro2SQL - Progress to SQL Server Replication
  • Pro2Pro - Progress to Progress Replication
  • Pro2 - Oracle Edition - Progress to Oracle®

Watch a 10-minute video on where Peter van Dam demonstrates and explains Pro2SQL.

Click here for the Dutch language version.

An Essential Tool!

Many organizations are relying on their Pro2 solutions for mission critical processes within their corporate environments. The stability, reliability and ease of use of the Pro2 technology has made it a "must-have" for critical business operations. Read more at the Pro2 mini-site.