What is PCase
PCase is a CASE-tool which allows to insert and view the design of a structure from a relational database graphically using an entity relationship diagramm (ERD). With this easy to use tool Progress databases can be generated and updated directly. The structure of an existing Progress database can be read and shown as an ERD. Besides you can generate standard triggers and maintain database versions.

PCase is uniquely made for complete integration into PROGRESS. Most parts are written in the PROGRESS 4 GL, so it can interact directly with databases. No more "store your design to disk, create a database, create a delta.df, load it in your target database...".

Features of PCase
  • view Progress DB structures
  • create/update DBs directly
  • reengineer Progress DBs
  • read/write Progress df-files
  • compare/maintain versions
  • includes programming interface
  • user defined attributes (UDAs)
  • autogenerates references
  • print resizable ER-Diagrams
  • use table-views, zoom-functions
  • compare DB structures (even LiveDBs)
  • report, structure, and ERD view
  • for Progress V9 and OpenEdge V10
  • optional OpenEdge Architect support
  • businessEntity support (TempTables)
  • code generation for ProDataSets
  • linked fields (domains)
  • linked tables
  • references with constants
  • additional UDA levels
  • multiple connections in ContentViewer
  • macro-editor, new macros