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'Making Progress With Ajax' by Peter van Dam

Progress and Ajax are both wonderful technologies and with the help of this full color 200 page book you will find out how easy it is to connect them. Imagine the power of the combination! Topics include:

  • Use OpenEdge Architect as an integrated development environment for OpenEdge and Ajax development
  • Learn JavaScript and CSS fundamentals
  • Use the XMLHttpRequest object to call an OpenEdge WebSpeed agent
  • Create Single Page web applications that approach desktop quality
  • Find out how Web Services can be used for communication with your Ajax client
  • Learn how to put Ajax frameworks to work
  • Google Maps-enable your OpenEdge application

'WebSpeed Complete' by Geoff Crawford

This is the perfect primer to 'Making Progress With Ajax'. The book is over 230 pages in an 8 1/2 x 11 format of everything you always wanted to know about WebSpeed. Sections on Administration, Beginning Programming, Advanced Programming, and Application Tips and Tricks cover a range of topics for both beginners and advanced WebSpeed users.

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