Peter van Dam to speak in Ontario


After scouring the four corners of the globe for speakers with the depth of knowledge and experience that Ontario PUG members demand, the Executive is pleased to announce the following topics and speakers forthe Winter 2008 meeting.

"The New UI"Shelley Chase - Senior Developer, Progress Software

If there's a "go-to" person in the development of Progress's nextgeneration UI for the ABL, Shelley's it. In her presentation, Shelley will first discuss the ABL's new integrated user interface which is based on Microsoft .NET technologies. Then, using the ABL language and an WYSIWYG designer integrated with OpenEdge Architect, Shelley will demonstrate how to create a user interface with .NET components in the ABL. She will then discuss the New UI's release time frame, and whatsteps you can take to get ready for the new UI.

"The Advanced UI - First Experiences"Peter van Dam - Future Proof Software

Peter, in collaboration with Progress Software, is participating in the pre-beta phase of OpenEdge 10.2, which makes him one of the world's first Progress developers to be migrating from Progress GUI to.NET. In his presentation Peter will create a small application in the Advanced UI, share his experience, and provide loads of tips,suggestions, and food for thought about preparing yourself and your organization for the new .NET world available to you in OpenEdge 10.2.

"Moving to .NET"Warren Bailey - Director of Information Systems, The Oppenheimer Group

In his capacity as Director of Information Systems at the Oppenheimer Group, Warren designed the architecture for Oppenheimer's next-generation in-house software systems. In his presentation, Warren will discuss why the Oppenheimer Group decided to change their application's infrastructure, what options they investigated, and their experience in all aspects of the transition from designing the architecture, developing the design tools, creating the application, followed by deployment and test, and the application's ultimate performance.

"Google-Maps Enabling Your Application"Peter van Dam - Future Proof Software

In this fun presentation Peter will introduce the Ajax technology that you can use to integrate Google Maps into your Progress application. After explaining some basic Ajax and Google Maps API concepts, Peter will show how to create an Ajax front-end that can talk to your Progress database. Then he will show how to use Google Maps to geocode your existing addresses and create an interactive Google Maps web application from these components.