Peter van Dam to speak at Nordic PUG


Peter van Dam will speak at the 2012 Nordic PUG conference. The Nordic PUG Conference is a new initiative by the Nordic and Baltic PUGs and will be held at the beautiful Åland island in the Baltic sea, on June 14-15.

The topic of Peter's talk is Modernizing Your User Interface With .NET. This session demonstrates how you can give your GUI application a facelift by replacing the GUI menu by a .NET Ribbon menu and seamlessly embed your existing GUI Windows in a .NET MDI container. Then we will demonstrate how you can enhance your existing GUI windows to look like .NET windows. In this way you can make your embedded GUI windows look so similar to your .NET Forms that your users will not be able to see the difference. In other words: you can give your entire application a .NET facelift without modifying your existing code.