OpenEdge 11 released


Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) has announced a new release of Progress® OpenEdge®.

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) has announced a new release of Progress® OpenEdge®, a comprehensive development platform ideal for building dynamic, business process-enabled software applications. The OpenEdge Cloud platform enables applications to be securely deployed across any platform, any mobile device, and any Cloud. Now in the hands of hundreds of Progress customers and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and many accounts are migrating sooner than expected to the new release to take advantage of increased security in the Cloud, greater deployment flexibility, reduced costs, and faster time to market.

Shipping since mid-December, the latest release of Progress OpenEdge is a platform for the next generation of application development, including a patent-pending multi-tenant database. Multi-tenancy is a critical component and key differentiator for customers and partners, in addition to multi-Cloud deployment options, business process-enabled development, and extended platform support for mobile devices.

“As application development continues to evolve, we are delivering a future-proof cloud development platform that will take business applications to the next level,” said John Goodson, senior vice president, products of Progress Software. “By addressing concerns surrounding security, flexibility and time-to-market, the newest release of the OpenEdge platform has already helped hundreds of customers and ISVs deploy their apps in the cloud, and we’re confident that number will continue to grow.”

Security and Flexibility through Multi-Tenancy

With multi-tenancy built into the database, data is physically separated, providing greater security and control for cloud deployments. This additional layer of security is a critical component and key differentiator for Progress ISV partners, such as Infor, an enterprise applications and services provider that helps 70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations, drive growth and quickly adapt to changes in business demands.

According to Jeffrey Brown, Senior Development Project Manager at Infor, “Progress provides us with the technology to power our Infor10 Distribution Business, a distribution application specifically designed to help distributors with complex business models run an efficient, end-to-end operation. We are interested in the new multi-tenancy capabilities in the OpenEdge platform that could provide us with the flexibility to add an additional level of security and separation of data at the database level that is unique in the industry.”

Reducing Cost While Speeding Time to Deployment

The Progress OpenEdge platform reduces the time it takes to develop and deploy cloud-based applications and allows customers to quickly get to market at a lower cost. A global medical software services provider used OpenEdge to develop an order management system for internal call centers. As part of the company’s strategic plan, all future divisions of the company will need to standardize on this order management system. The OpenEdge platform’s multi-tenant tables provide a viable solution for compliance with both corporate mandates as well as data security regulations customary to the healthcare industry and it accelerates development of the order management system, which will be deployed in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost, and with better security measures than previously planned.

Efficiency and Moving Down Market with SaaS

With more than 30 years of experience providing ERP software and services for the mid-size housing and real estate market, German-based EDV-Software-Service AG (ESS) turned to Progress to move to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. “Progress Software understands the needs of medium-sized businesses and helps us provide value to our customers and accelerate our time-time-market with new solutions,” says Michael Förster, Chief Information Officer at ESS AG. “We took part in the OpenEdge Early Adopter Program and Multi-tenancy Workshop, and in only five days were given the tools and expertise needed to get our new release ready for launch in early 2012.”

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