Peter van Dam on Bravepoint TV


Peter van Dam recently appeared as a guest on Bravepoint Television's OpenEdge OpenForum, a monthly one-hour live talk show featuring Gus Bjorkland, Ken Wilner and John Harlow.

Peter was set to fly back to Amsterdam on April 15 after attending Pro2SQL training at Bravepoint when Mt. Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland erupted, crippling European air traffic. He got stranded in Atlanta for over a week and Bravepoint president John Harlow took the opportunity to invite Peter for this month's show.

But as famous Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff once said, every disadvantage has its advantage, and in this case the delay enabled Peter to obtain an iPad. While obtaining an iPad in the US means being on the waiting list for several days, the iPad is not yet available in Europe and this gave Future Proof Software a unique opportunity to start experimenting with Apple's latest invention. The iPad may well cause a revolution in mobile computing and it immediately became the main topic on this month's OpenEdge OpenForum.

You can watch the broadcast here.

P.S. Don't be surprised if there is a broadcast disruption towards the end....